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The most sought after sector to get job in as it deals in the economy of country and  also provides good facility for its employees. The sector is known for having a good  amount of jobs in future at both the level. In addition, it also recruits the manpower for
technical and other such as language officer and legal advisor. The exam is conducted at two levels so far as designation is concerned. The former is recruitment for the clerk  and the latter is for P O conducted by IBPS’s concerned department. So far exam pattern is  concerned there is slight difference between both so in the level of question paper. The latter needs high intensity of efficiency.
Course – 6 Months Regular Extensive
Duration – 2 Hrs/Day, 5 Day/Week
Course-     4 Months Regular Extensive
Duration-   4 Hrs/Day, 5 Day/Week
Course-       60 Days Crash Course
Duration – 3 Hrs/Day, 5 Day/Week
Course-         3 Months Regular Extensive
Duration – 2 Hrs/Day, 5 Day/Week
Course – 60 Days Crash Course
Duration-   3 Hrs/Day, 5 Day/Week
Course-   30 Day Capsule Course For All IBPS Exams
Duration   – 5 Hrs/Day
Special Features:
Periodic /Weekly test for Performance Enhancement.
Logical, Short-cut Method for problem solving by expert & specialized faculty.

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