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1.The GAJRAJ Corps in Assam’s Tezpur have observed World Environment Day launching which initiative?

  1. Go Green
    b. Go Eco
    c. Go Healthy
    d. Go Environment

2.When was World Environment Day celebrated?

  1. June 4
    b. June 5
    c. June 6
    d. June 7        

3.Kolkata CM Mamata Banerjee expressed condolences at sad demise of which famous personality on June 5?

  1. Saurav Ganguly
    b. Moon Moon Sen
    c. Manohar Aich
    d. None of the above

4.Senior IPS officer Navin Aggarwal has been appointed chief of NADA. What does NADA stand for?

  1. National Anti Dumping Agency
    b. National Anti Deforestation Agency
    c. National Anti Duty Agency
    d. National Anti Doping Agency

5.Facebook has built AI system that reads  as well as a human.

  1. Text
    b. Images
    c. Videos
    d. Audio files

6.Which Maharashtra Minister resigned on June 4, 2016?

  1. Eknath Khadse
    b. Narayan Rane
    c. Chaggan Bhujbal
    d. None of the above

7.Where is the Afghanistan India Friendship Dam located?

  1. Herat
    b. Islamabad
    c. Peshawar
    d. Lahore

8.What was Muhammad Ali’s real name?

  1. Cassius Marcellus Clay
    b. Cassius Smith
    c. Cassius Marcellus
    d. Cassius Marcellus Jones

9.Who has defeated Serena Williams to win her maiden French open title?

  1. Garbine Muguruza
    b. Simona Halep
    c. Maria Sharapova
    d. Venus Williams

 10.India Post has released a INR 5 stamp to mark the third anniversary of Amazon India. What is it called?

  1. My Stamp
    b. My Amazon Stamp
    c. My LinkedIn Stamp
    d. None of the above

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