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1.Which country has topped FIFA rankings ahead of Belgium and Colombia on 2nd June 2016?

  1. Chile
    b. Brazil
    c. Uruguay
    d. Argentina

ANSWER: Argentina


  1. Who has been appointed as CEO of NASSCOM data protection wing- Data Security Council of India?
  2. Nandkumar Sarvade
    b. Rama Vedashree
    c. Rama Ganeshan
    d. None of the above

ANSWER: Rama Vedashree

3.New book called The Unseen Indira has been authored by which writer released in May 2016?

  1. KP Mathur
    b. KP Sinha
    c. KP Singh
    d. None of the above


4.India and which country have launched the trade body to boost bilateral engagements in June 2016?

  1. Maldives
    b. Mauritius
    c. Morocco
    d. None of the above

ANSWER: Morocco

5.Which Port has bagged the national award for excellence in cost management for 2015 on June 2, 2016?

  1. VO Chidambaranar
    b. Haldia
    c. Paradip
    d. Daman

ANSWER: VO Chidambaranar

6.Dr. Thomas Mathew was appointed as additional secretary to which dignitary?

  1. Prime Minister
    b. President
    c. Vice President
    d. Leader of Opposition

ANSWER: President
 7.Which dam is known as Afghan-India Friendship Dam?

  1. Salma Dam
    b. Kabul Dam
    c. Kandahar Dam
    d. Mazar-e-sharif Dam

ANSWER: Salma Dam

8.Presently, a Tourist Visa is granted to a foreigner whose sole objective of visiting India is?

1) Recreation
2) Casual visit to meet friends
3) Attending a short term yoga programme

  1. 2, 3
    b. 1
    c. 1, 2
    d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above

9.World’s longest rail tunnel is in

  1. Russia
    b. Japan
    c. Switzerland
    d. China


ANSWER: Switzerland

10.What is DNA Profiling?

  1. Determine a full genome sequence of an individual
    b. Using DNA to find possible disorders within an individual
    c. Creating artificial DNA
    d. Identifying individuals using DNA testing

ANSWER: Identifying individuals using DNA testing

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