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“TUCES-the group of institutions” is acronym that stands for ‘The Ultimate Classes Education Services’. The name was coined by none other than its founder and the then director Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha. It was 2002 which witnessed its extant for the first time with the branch at Munirka, New Delhi. Since then it has been living by the set principles to illuminate raw with moral as well as material inculcation. It knew no specific field and techniques but almost all so that to enable its aspirants to achieve their contended goals. Now the branch has been mother branch that has given birth to five more branches in Lakshmi Nagar, Gurgoan, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad having each been fragmented in departments. The deed has been possible under the great and worthwhile facilitation of Mr. Sinha who irrigates the institution with his pedantic knowledge, earned experience and devoted time well channelized in the direction to beget result that is discerned very clearly. Since its advent to the arena of highly competitive atmosphere, it has been tougher journey so far. The tougher it was to give satisfactory result but without being complacent. During aforementioned period of more than ten official years, as the institution got its recognition in 2004, it has produced more than five hundred results having its disseminations in each sector it dealt in. Nearly, all the competitive exams have been its constituents to bring forth with the targeted result of 80% overall as if now. The run courses have been divided in sectors like Banking, SSC-CGL, SSC-JE, CTET and UGC-NET AND CSIR NET. Apart from, there are few competitive exams conducted by UPSC like CPF, are made to prepare. It is obvious that the risen numeric-strength, so far as all the sides-students, staffs, 55 in number these days, and courses are concerned, has professed now to be categorized so as to maintain its administrative and Tutoring parts.

Another institution in the group is TUCES ACADEMY has its own nucleus to be administered by its staffs as AGS is. The division runs courses for the aspirants of UGC, UGC-CSIR, GATE/IES and JE (junior engineer) - Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Civil, IT and Mechanical. Since its inception the institution has been dealing in aforementioned tutoring activities with well known and qualified teachers. The execution has been made to deliver cyclic lectures by different teachers in the same class so that there be result oriented collaborate teaching including evaluation of the teachers and students. In this particular division, Basics have been considered one of the integral parts to construct strong stature to be dreamt of. In such a way, it has also raised the aspirants having desire for higher moral and material study. In abbreviation, for the institutional set principles, if the institution has enriched to have been enriched, the credit goes to the aim, set in the very beginning, which is as fresh as morning dew to be focused on by triangles, tri-apex, of the organization-better to be told now.

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